Equipement Maintenance Technician 设备维修员

Working Location: Project based, Shah Alam, Selangor
Work days: Mon – Fri (9am-6pm)
Remuneration package: Rm2,800.00 – RM 5,000.00
Job descriptions:

  • Cooperate with relevant personnel of mechanical design and assembly to complete the installation and commissioning of the whole machine equipment; 与机械设计、装配相关人员相互配合完成整机设备的安装调试工作;
  • Responsible for the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, and can handle common electrical or mechanical equipment failures, and report failure 负责设备的日常维护与保养工作,并能处理常见电气或机械设备故障,并上报故障信息。

Job requirements:

  • Familiar with the use of Siemens series PLC, field communication module, wireless communication module and configuration software;熟悉使用西门子系列PLC、现场通讯模块、无线通讯模块及组态软件;
  • Responsible for making equipment-related instructions and maintenance manual data files; (circuit diagram, BOM table, various manuals, etc.); 负责制作设备相关的说明与维护手册资料文件; (电路图 BOM表 各种说明书等)
  • Familiar drawing software such as AutoCAD and EPLAN; 可使用AutoCAD、EPLAN等制图软件;
  • Project experience is preferred. 有项目经验优先考虑;
  • Candidates who able to communicate and write in English and Mandarin is preferred.

Interested applicant please send to us your resume to: wtwt2829@gmail.com
Feel free to contact us if you wish to know more on the job scope /requirements etc. We will also introduce any other suitable job vacancies in the interview, as well as keep you update with any job opportunities in the future.



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Email: wtwt2829@gmail.com

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